Visions of China Mei Jiang

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11:30 am - 2:30 pm

6:00 pm - 10:30 pm

+66 2 861 2888 Ext 6914
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Smart Casual
Executive Chinese Chef Jackie Ho heads the kitchen at Mei Jiang where his utmost respect for tradition is tastefully fused with creativity to produce a menu with dishes that range from classic dim sum fare to innovative dishes such as roasted pigeon marin.

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Mei Jiang MENU

Deep-fried crab claw with honey-lime sauce 460

Lobster dumplings and brassica in clear broth 420

Deep-fried crispy fillet of snow fish with chili salt 840

Clay pot fried prawns in port wine sauce 800

Roasted crispy chicken flavoured with garlic 550/1,000

Wok-fried beef tenderloin in port wine sauce 850

Sweet and sour pork with lychee and pineapple 450

Stir-fried rice noodles topped with sliced snow fish 400

Fried rice 'Mei Jiang' style 500

Roasted duck and barbecued pork 460

Cold marinated Japanese cucumber and jellyfish salad 460

Barbecued suckling pig 800/3,200

Cold marinated beef shin with chili paste 460

Cold marinated chicken with chili sauce 'YUNNAN' style 460

Hot and sour conpoy soup 680

Double-boiled winter melon with mixed fungus 680

Braised conpoy sauce with shredded fish maw 780

Fish maw soup with crab coral 920

Braised Pi Pa Imperial Bird's nest with crabmeat 1,900

Double-boiled treasure soup 'Dynasty' style   2,600

Stir-fried sliced garoupa with celery and yellow chives 800

Steamed crystal prawns with eggplant and pickled olives 850

Deep-fried crispy fillet of snow fish with chili salt 840

Claypot fried prawns in port wine sauce 800

Sauteed scallops with asparagus and fresh lily bulbs in chili paste 920

Wok-fried boneless chicken 'capital style' 480

Roasted crispy chicken flavoured with garlic 500/1,000

Roasted whole peking duck  1,600

Wok-fried diced beef tenderloin with garlic in black pepper paste 850

Braised spare ribs with Ti Guan Yin tea and red rice in casserole 450

Stir-fried egg noodles with shredded chicken and black pepper 380

Chinese almond cream with fresh Lily bulbs and egg white 220

Mango pudding 180

Chilled sago and pomelo and mango cream 200

Banana fritter with lotus paste 200

Mashed taro cream with ginko nuts 200

Steamed bird's nest in young coconut juice 1,200

Meet the Chef Executive Chef Jackie Ho

As a creative traditionalist, Chef Ho entices guests with menus of dishes that are both innovative and bursting with natural flavour, using a combination of the special cooking techniques that he has developed over the years. It is still very important to him to maintain the natural ingredients and processes in which traditional Chinese dishes are prepared in order to ensure an authentic dining experience.
All my dishes must be of highest quality and good for health
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