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Here’s to your health, pleasure and sense of adventure

April 06, 2015
Wellness Center Launch at The Peninsula Bangkok
Now that The Peninsula Hotels has launched Peninsula Wellness – a reconceptualised spa, wellness, healthy dining and lifestyle programme – The Peninsula Bangkok has unveiled its own unique iterations, aiming to take guest experience to the next level of indulgence, including a unique Royal Thai Massage.
The point is, luxury these days isn’t just about lavish amenities and sumptuous servings. Savvy travellers seek to escape the stresses of modern living by relaxing and rejuvenating the mind and body. They want to encounter new perspectives and be inspired.
To meet these evolving lifestyle demands, The Peninsula Bangkok has developed a dedicated Peninsula Wellness Centre. Here, the best of western and eastern health philosophies are combined with sensitively crafted spa and beauty treatments delivered through the intuitive hands of therapists whose job is their vocation. What transpires is arguably the ultimate riverside retreat experience.
Over the years, The Peninsula Bangkok has collected several international awards for its wellness offerings, including spa and dining. It is fitting therefore that it has been designated to coordinate the spa, wellness and lifestyle offerings throughout the group. Included in its brief is providing a poetic setting for year-round training by accredited experts on cutting-edge spa and beauty techniques and programmes.
Peninsula Wellness sets out to exceed all expectations with a unique massage specially created for The Peninsula Spa by the legendary Wat Pho Traditional Thai Medical and Massage School, home to the original Royal Thai massage. Guests can now enjoy what is undoubtedly the ultimate traditional Thai massage administered by expert therapists, who are specially trained by the absolute authority on these exquisite practices.

Guests may also consider the new two-hour Peninsula Sleep Ceremony, created by the much-respected house of ESPA in partnership with The Peninsula. It is designed to alleviate the inevitable stress that comes with inter- and intra-continental gadding about. Imagine indulging in a luxurious sleep bath, guided meditation and breathing techniques to rebalance electromagnetic energies, a hot stone body massage to release toxins and a face massage to relieve tight jaw and forehead muscles.

As the first hotel spa in the world to receive Biologique Recherche’s prestigious “Ambassade de la Beauté” accolade, The Peninsula Bangkok is also one of the few places anywhere that offers Biologique Recherche natural facial and skincare treatments, which use rich endowments of botanical, marine and biological extracts.

Moreover, Subtle Energies, an award-winning Australian spa brand, has exclusively formulated new “Sattva by Simply Peninsula” products and treatments. These include remedial and lymphatic drainage combining essential oils, Himalayan crystal salts, clays and herbs. Also available are the Sattva Vedic Aromatherapy Full Body and Facial Marma Treatment as well as the Sattva Detox Signature Journey.

Naturally Peninsula cuisine is all about providing health-aware guests, averse to compromising on culinary finesse, a delicious link between wellness, nutrition and pleasures of the palate. It’s not just about low-fat and low-calorie, but about taking a holistic approach to healthy eating, so add in gluten-free, low-sugar and high-protein delicacies along with a focus on seasonal fruits and vegetables, sustainably sourced seafood, superior cuts of meat, nutritious whole grains, organic spices and market-fresh herbs. Artificial flavourings, refined sugars and preservatives are absolutely out while herbs freshly picked from The Peninsula’s green-finger-tended garden are definitely in.

Who knew that bon voyage could mean so much?